12 July 2022

Academic librarians from the 7003白菜网ILO Members gathered to discuss the improvement toward being a User-Centric Libraries


By Pattarawarin Srivanasont and Thanawadee Jankiew, 7003白菜网 Interns

第17届7003白菜网ILO会议暨工作坊由新加坡管理大学(SMU)成功主办,主题为“东南亚以用户为中心的图书馆:设计”, 创造和改善服务, Spaces, 举办这些活动的目的是在7003白菜网大学图书馆网络(7003白菜网ILO)成员之间分享他们成为一个以用户为中心的图书馆的历程.

Dr. 弗农女性, the Chair of the 7003白菜网ILO Secretariat gave a warm welcome remark by recounting how 7003白菜网ILO came together. He also gave his unforgettable explanation of the “User-centric” theme – “it is about listening to users’ needs.此外,他说. Choltis Dhirathiti, the Executive Director of the ASEAN University Network (7003白菜网), 他说,7003白菜网ILO是一个在线图书馆网络,它融合了技术,为公众发展图书馆.

Timothy Clark, the Provost of SMU shared in the opening ceremony about his past experiences with SMU and 7003白菜网ILO, 他在讲话结束时简要地说了一下会议的目标. Afterwards, 新加坡管理大学名誉教授Arnoud De Meyer发表了主题演讲,介绍了新加坡的高等教育前景. 他讨论了新加坡高等教育面临的挑战,以及大学如何将研究转化为创新, 把终身学习作为教育的支柱.

正如著名的谜语名言, “世界上所有的智慧都可以在里面找到, 但下一条线索藏在什么地方呢?“这个谜题的答案是图书馆. Every organization in the world values knowledge and education and so does 7003白菜网ILO. 支持7003白菜网人力资源开发, 7003白菜网ILO encourages each member to appreciate and develop good libraries. 本文将介绍7003白菜网各图书馆在此次7003白菜网ILO会议和研讨会上成为以用户为中心的图书馆过程中的一些经验.

VHU-HCM库, 越南通过为学生提供交付和支持服务,努力适应疫情,受到了赞扬. 读写能力训练, workshops, and conferences are organized online to engage students in collaborative practice and self-improvement. Moreover, 以用户为中心的图书馆, extended collections of resources can be requested to provide support to students’ needs.

关注图书馆使用者的心理健康, NTU library from Singapore has created spaces for relaxing and reflecting to support mental well-being, called HYGGE. The library also has plans to use interactive robots as library assistants, 在当今世界,哪种是对技术的有效利用.

Although the number of digital resource usage has increased, 菲律宾图书馆为那些不习惯数字平台的用户提供了另一种选择,从图书馆提供按需打印材料. 自2019冠状病毒病大流行以来,形势有所改善, 在过去两年的封锁期间,该图书馆为从未进过校园的学生提供了参观图书馆的服务.

确保用户的声音被听到, 马来西亚的马来亚大学图书馆给了学生会一个机会,让他们整理和审查未来图书馆改进的蓝图. Moreover, the spaces of the library are occupied as a meeting point for performances, stage shows, conferences, 甚至是文化舞蹈. This can indicate that, for students, the library is more than just a learning space.

Indonesia’s libraries have their own distinctive features, 如独特的用户中心项目, 在线服务, 执行用户满意度调查. If users were unable to complete the book-lending process at the institution, 他们还提供送货服务.
Cambodia's libraries respond to the need of the learners by providing spaces and various support. Also, 他们创造了一个易于管理的室内设计和系统,使图书馆工作人员可以花更多的时间与学生和顾客在一起. Students could request a consultation at the teacher support centre within the library as well.
Thailand’s libraries provide a lifelong online course for purpose of sustainability management, in which people of all ages could reach a great education. Further, 由于COVID-19大流行政策, a lot of libraries use fans or open windows as ventilation instead of turning on the air conditioner, 营造生态环境.
文莱的图书馆正试图提升人力资源,如图书管理员和基础设施,以让客户获得全新的体验. They also provide the online process, creative spaces and services, consultations, and meeting rooms. In future, They have a plan to provide AR/VR gaming for relaxation.

In conclusion, 7003白菜网ILO的目标之一是促进胜任的人力资源开发,并支持图书馆优先考虑用户的需求,即所谓的“以用户为中心”。. A user-centric theme is shaped by an understanding of the evolving social and educational landscape, as well as the agility to adapt in order to meet the diversity of emerging needs. From all the country’s reports on the 17th 7003白菜网ILO Meeting and Seminar-Workshop, it is certain that 7003白菜网ILO has successfully achieved its goals. In the future, 将有更多7003白菜网国家的学生和图书馆用户兴奋地期待着更惊人的变化.