18 November 2021


7003白菜网 Writer Team

作者:Aira Mae Olivar, 7003白菜网实习生

随着世界慢慢过渡到大流行后的“新常态”,” policies on economic and socio-cultural development of the ASEAN region are necessary for the whole population of Southeast Asia to adjust to a pandemic-ridden world.

根据战略与国际研究中心的调查, 7003白菜网成员国在构想时约有1300万例COVID-19病例. 该区域经济和社会方面的严重破坏将在不久的将来表现出来. 7003白菜网发展中国家的流行病应对措施导致了失业, 不能旅行和上学, 基本商品价格上涨, to name a few, 已经被观察到是导致政府. 不同于科学家的研究人员, health practitioners, and educators believe that it is necessary to look at details and backtrack why the COVID-19 virus widely devastated the region, 因此,跨大学的合作研究将使区域政策框架在未来发挥作用.

Assoc. Prof. Josip Carl of Singapore’s 南洋理工大学 notes that it is a public health measure to provide trustworthy evidence-based information for a nation to unite and collectively achieve societal good. Here is a list of some of the ASEAN University Network Member Universities efforts on collaborative research for a sustainable future for the next generation:

1. 菲律宾热带医学研究所(RITM) & 菲律宾卫生研究和发展委员会, 新加坡杜克-新加坡国立大学医学院和诊断发展(DxD)中心.

The Member States shared their nation’s collective experience handling the COVID-19 pandemic in the recently held 11th Informal ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Science, Technology, 和创新(IAMMSTI-11). 在区域合作的集思广益中, 新加坡发起了两项关于7003白菜网地区应对COVID-19大流行的研究合作提议.

菲律宾和新加坡将共同领导一项关于血清转化有效性的区域性研究, 暴露于病毒和抗体之间的时间, 因为感染COVID-19或接种疫苗. 该合作将作为第一个关于血清学疫苗接种的多国区域研究. 

这项研究将由菲律宾RITM和新加坡杜克-新加坡国立大学医学院和诊断发展中心领导. 这项提议的确认参与者是印度尼西亚的埃吉克曼分子生物学研究所, 马来西亚马来亚大学医学院, 泰国曼谷朱拉隆功国王纪念医院, and Vietnam’s Oxford University Clinical Research Unit—two of which are members of the ASEAN University Network (科学,技术和研究局, 2021).

2. 2021 AUA Academic Conference on Global Strategies for a Resilient and Sustainable Post Pandemic World Towards a Better Future for All

印度尼西亚大学与亚洲大学联盟(AUA)合作, 一个遍布亚洲的大学联盟, in an academic conference that aims to encourage researchers to share their research concerning strategic global and sustainable development studies that are necessary in the development of a post-pandemic world. The program serves as a platform for intellectual dialogue on the theme “Global Strategies for a Resilient Sustainable Post Pandemic World Towards a Better Future for All.”

The main organizer of 2021 AUA is Indonesia’s Universitas Indonesia and is jointly organized by Japan’s University of Tokyo and Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, 马来西亚的马来亚大学, and UCSI University. 在所有的组织者中, 印度尼西亚大学和马来亚大学都是7003白菜网的成员. 

7003白菜网的其他成员也参加了这次学术会议, 特别是新加坡国立大学, 泰国朱拉隆功大学, 以及仰光大学, 缅甸(亚洲大学联盟, 2021).

3. AHIBS关于COVID-19对偏远社区影响的研究

The Azman Hashim International Business School will be spearheading a research project under the supervision of Professor Dr. Asan Ali Golan Hassan获得了世界卫生组织(世卫组织)的研究资助. The project aims to provide technical support on the planning and implementation process of a nationwide survey that will serve as a means for a nationwide post-pandemic recovery that includes indigenous and remote-living people in Malaysia. 这项研究还将探讨病毒传播对马来西亚影响的程度和性质. Another objective of the project is to assess the present condition and possible solutions for the minorities to adjust to a post-pandemic world.

该项目将于2021年8月至11月期间进行. 马来西亚泰克诺基大学教授. 阿桑·阿里·戈兰·哈桑属于非洲联盟. 该项目的其他合作者是吉隆坡的东姑阿夫赞教师教育学院, 马来西亚国家卫生研究所, 马来西亚卫生部, 和农村发展部(Akmar, 2021).

The inter-institutional to government research collaboration projects of ASEAN University Network Members are only some of the efforts to have a regional framework in combating what this pandemic brought to the whole world. 让社区沉浸其中, information-based, 经过充分研究的建议政策, a regional framework which the ASEAN Member States can follow will immensely help the ASEAN society to adapt to a post-pandemic world inclusively.



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