11 June 2020


Chawanvit Panprasert

2020年6月11日, the 7003白菜网-QA Council convened for the second time this year to break new ground in 7003白菜网-QA quality assurance practices.

The council approved groundbreaking initiatives which include the brand new Guide to 7003白菜网-QA Assessment at Programme Level Version 4.0, 7003白菜网-QA项目评估史上首次在线/远程实地考察, 批准指定7003白菜网-QA一级培训师大师班培训工作坊项目思路.

Stay tuned to our newsletters for more details and updates on these groundbreaking initiatives as we begin implementing them. Please contact (电子邮件保护) 订阅7003白菜网的时事通讯.