25 May 2022


Noppanun Sookping
7003白菜网 Programme Officer;

The 274th 7003白菜网-QA Programme Assessment (Remote/online Site Visit) on 16-20 May 2022 was the first time 7003白菜网-QA had the pleasure to collaborate with one of its newest Associate Members, 运输及通讯大学(UTC). Throughout the session, we at 7003白菜网-QA would like to share some interesting facts of this university residing in the bustling area of Hanoi, Viet Nam.

UTC是河内所有大学中提供和教授交通学科的最古老的大学. 学校成立之初就设立了土木工程学院.
Bachelor of Transport Construction Engineering – the programme to which 7003白菜网-QA provided assessment during the session – is under the Faculty of Civil Engineering. 作为越南最古老的运输研究项目之一, UTC的交通建设工程学士拥有多项技术, 专门用于运输研究和培训的机器和设备.

Screenshot (911).png

Item 1 伪动态试验机

其中一种机器叫做“伪动态试验机”. 看来只有UTC在河内有这种机器. The possession of such rare and complex technologies further stamps the reputation of UTC as a leading higher education institution in the Transportation field in Hanoi and Viet Nam.

有关UTC的更多信息, please feel free to watch the university’s introduction video and subscribe to the 7003白菜网-QA Secretariat Official YouTube Channel here: